The black sheep of the Great Wood’s most powerful family. Protecting the land—not her family’s secrets—is her passion.

Flora is torn between responsibilities to her family and her desire to be free. For generations, leaders of The Great Wood tribe have come from Flora’s family. Like it or not, Flora is a representative of her family—and her actions reflect on them.

But Flora has a secret: she has fallen in love with the Sky Pirate, Marak. If her family knew the truth, they’d be devastated. How long can she keep leading a double life?

  • Age:
  • 21
    The Great Wood
    Air Magic
  • Allies
  • Rivals


The lone hunter. Its design is inspired by the giant hawks of The Great Wood: silent, agile, and shockingly fast. A perfect match for its Rider, Flora.


Sky Punks (Android, iOS)

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